Why are Pan-Arabism and Pan-Africanism diametrically opposed

Pan-Arabism and Pan-Africanism are antithetic.

I used to be blindly both at the same time nonethelness. Then I figured out many elements that changed my way of thinking. First of all, in order to unite people, they must have common elements : culture, traditions, common history, common oppressor, religion, language… Tell me again what is the common point between Swaziland and Tunisia ? Between Uganda and Madagascar ? Between Niger and Morocco ? none. If you think about Berberism to unite North Africa, this is invalid because it would only concern a few North African countries (Morocco, Algeria, Libya – Most Tunisian people don’t feel that they are Berber) and anyway, it is an almost dead civilization that won’t rise from ashes.

The only element that can unite Africans is negritude. I acknowledge that we have Blacks in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, and that Sudan, Djibouti, Comoros and Somalia have a black majority, but they are part of the Arab world and even if they are dark skinned, they share more common elements with Arabs than Africans. I honestly consider them as Arabs, just because they are black doesn’t mean that they can’t be Arab. Most North African themselves aren’t even genetically Arab but Berber, Phoenician, Berber, Jewish, Maltese, Sicilian, Turkish… And it’s the same thing for almost all Arab countries. Only a few Arabs can claim to truly have an Arab ancestry, but we have built our Arab identity through social mechanisms over the centuries, and Islam contributed greatly in expanding this Arab identity.

For this reason, it is impossible to fulfill Pan-Africanism : nothing can unite Africans. If you think that belonging in the same continent makes us close from each other, this is wrong. Just to give you an idea, compare Pan-Africanism to Pan-Asianism. What would unite a Japanese, a Jordanian and a Laotian? Absolutely nothing, seeing the numerous cultures, religions, languages, dialects, traditions and mindsets in Asia. It’s the same thing in Africa, where hundreds of ethnicities, religions and languages coexist but cannot cohabit. And just because most of them are Black doesn’t mean that they can put up with each other as there are countless clans and tribes. The Arab world can at least be united by a common language (despite the different dialects), a shared history, and of course the same ennemy, and let’s not forget that Islam has participated in unifying Arabs under a single identity, albeit this identity varies from one country to another.

Pan-Arabism can be achieved but we need to overcome the sectarian gap and to get rid of our common foes (we did in the past, we will succeed once again inshallah). Furthermore, bear in mind that most Black Africans themselves hate us Arabs for enslaving and humiliating them in the past centuries, which is understandable, but they clearly refuse to cooperate with us. Lastly, if you think that Pan-Africanism will succeed becase Kadhafi was a Pan-Africanist, here’s the answer : he embraced Pan-Africanism because his attempts to unite the Arabs failed. He felt betrayed by them. They rejected his Pan-Arab views because they are West shills and cannot even defend the interest of Arabs nor the Arab pride because Shekels come first.

What we need is leaders that are proud of their Arab identity and aimaing at erasing borders within the Arab world.


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